As Para Bilgi Teknolojileri team, we have  been   working with the highest  level of efficiency as of the date we started out to achieve our purpose and we have been rendering services for your satisfaction accordingly. Today, upon your request, in order to fullfill your expectations better,  we gathered under the umbrella of PARA Bilgi Teknolojileri and we have been renewing and improving ourselves and for your satisfaction.

As a part of this change and development process, in 2006, we began a new journey with  AMD 64Bit Dual Opteron Serial , in order to improve our infrastructure and server quality.  Within the following timeframe, we also served  with server systems which have the highest performance and we are decisive to provide you with even more qualified services. In early 2008, we made our second data center contract at a different location over USA internet  backbone,  and we grew more for your satisfaction.

Again in early 2008,  for providing different services for your distinguished customers upon separate service standards  under the umbrella of PARA, we decided to  carry out  our  Virtual Hosting service with 2 different brand names and service standards.