Do you know that e mails you sent  allocate  legal liability  to your enterprise ?
We have a solution that relieves you from this responsibility !

Do you know that emails you sent bring legal liability to your enterprise?

And  if you wish to fulfill your legal responsibility and to keep your enterprise protected, a disclaimer/automatic waiver of notice has been created for you.

Disclaimer is the explanatory lines seen at the bottom of e- mails .   It takes as a waiver of notice at the bottom of institutional e- mails sent by   your employees on behalf of your enterprise  . E – mails sent   go only on behalf of your employees due to  Disclaimer  and it is service that keep your company protected against any possible problem  to arise in future.


  • Due to legal reasons

Disclaimer provides you to waive from  undesired cases  which  occur during e- mail transfer.
Third parties ‘ receiving corrupted e mail without your will and receiving  spam  contended  e- mail  makes you   to be subject to  pecuniary loss and intangible damages.

Alike, due to mails sent accidentally by your enterprise or any of your employee  to a different e- mail address, your enterprise’s credibility may be injured and you may dace up similar situations.

Disclaimer is a kind of a legal warning  and measure against such risks.

  • Advertisement and marketing –purpose
On disclaimer, you may add your  company’s  slogan, newly released item, address or communication information into your e- mails, thus you may provide your enterprise to be popular and known,  and display the professional image of it.