Dynamic Web Site Applications

We can observe Web programming applications in three basic structure, as the following;
  • B2C (Business to Customer)
  • B2B (Business to Business)
  • B2E (Business to Employee)

Bu using these application structures, we are able to develop appropriate applications   in line with the purpose of enabling the enterprises to cooperate efficiently with  other enterprises, final users and / or their employees, thus we are able to offer suitable solutions accordingly.

Today,   primarily the applications between online  shopping (B2C)  and enterprises , all kinds of applications such as;  from reservation and simple membership follow up applications to comprehensive stock and order follow up regulations, may be offered over web.  In order to prepare dynamic pages over a web environment,  written and visual content should be maintained  and managed over a data base. Data base applications in web sites  both comprise  dynamic and  interactive sites and provide opportunity for the updating  of  the content to be published over web easier and expeditiously through an management panel to be programmed. This structure is an obligation particularly for  virtual store applications , online reservation  and content  management requiring applications.

Electronic Trade which means basically  ; purchase and sales of product or service over  Internet, is getting widespread  increasingly due to opportunities and facilities introduced by the utilization of internet.

Upon the site which we shall prepare for you as a specifically designed   and programmed site  for your satisfaction; you may transmit your product and services to relevant individuals, thus you may easily expand  your trade volume.

Mevcut web programlama çözümlerimizde kullandığımız tamamı özgün programlarımız olan standartlaştırdığımız bileşenlerden önemli gördüklerimiz aşağıda listelenmiştir.

  • Visitor notebook module
  • Product Catalogue Module
  • Agenda Module
  • Current Account Module
  • Content Management Module
  • News Module
  • Forum Module
  • Product Request Module
  • Questionnaire Module
  • Web Conversation Module
  • Announcement / Campaign Module
  • Human Resources Module
  • Company Telephone Directory
  • Suggest to My Friend Module
  • Membership Module
  • Shopping Module
  • Serial Advertisement Module
Do not hesitate to call us for internet solutions,  let’s specify your need together, create the solution together. Let ‘s   use the technology and  design and implement a system  which  is suitable  for your business needs and which shall supply added value  for you.