Email Follow up and Archive System


Are your emails  getting lost  and do you  face up difficulty in following up your business processes?
Do you want to increase your  business efficiency and to be able to observe your personnel  performance ?
These are all available  by    “paraptikon”  service provided by Para Bilgi Teknolojileri


 The scope of this service which is only provided by Para BilgiTeknolojileri in Turkey includes e –mail direction and control system in institutions.  This service which can be adjusted according to customer ‘s expectations  and needs directly, if required, allows the customer to direct the emails of institution employees  to a particular e- mail addresses . For instance,  the person X who is top manager in ENTERPRISE A  may read and check inbox and outboxes of employees‘ e mail accounts through the e- mail address to which he directed the emails.  You are not required to write a copy of e- mails which you sent for a project in order to send them to the top management every time. This is done by the system automatically.  You can follow up all e-mail accounts within your company from a unique e –mail account.



Advantages of  Paraptikon Service:

It increases the efficiency of the enterprise.
It provides a transparent management environment.
It enchances the auditibility of the staff.
It increases the speed of work.


No e- mails lost in  Outlook anymore !

Have you ever lost any inbox or outbox for ever?.Are you looking for your  e- mails which  you sent months ago and then you have lost or deleted ? Your computer has been formatted but  you have  forgotten to  back up e mails in outlook, have you? Was a law suit brought against your company due to an e-mail sent by one of your employees?Do you want to be sure about that your employee has either sent an importantmail or not ?  So this  service fits to your needs.. We hereby offer you Paraptikon Store service.  We are saying that you will loose no more  e- mails thanks to achieving service prepared due to works carried out by Para Bilgi Teknolojileri.

Advantages of Paraptikon Store Service:

removes the risk of disappearance of  information which are  important for the institution.
Archives the received  andsent  e mails t in the server regularly and provides  access to the e-mails when requested.
Terminates the copying of e-mails  on CD and similar tools.
Provides an archive area according to the multitude of e- mails .