Linux Solutions (ParaBox)

Protection against unexpected viruses
Are you tired of Spam?  Terminate spams by Parabox!
ParaBOX is waiting to serve you with its

  • Flexible and powerful Firewall structure,
  • Automatically  updated antivirus  database,
  • Self-learning spam identification system
  • Private internet servers designed for your needs
ParaBOX Internet Sunucu

ParaBOX, is an internet server offering all internet services. It can host  various  web sites over this server.  You may give  electronic mail,  mail (POP3, IMAP, POP3S, IMAPS) service, webmail service, anti-virus service, anti-spam service, FTP servive and  MySQL database service  to these area names. You may manage all domain names and user accounts without accessing to core system  from Web interface.  

You can conduct  your e- mail communication  fast and safe  through E- Mail Server upon a superior spam and virus protection support developed by open source coded products .  You may acquire  limitless e- mail account by  ParaBOX , and you may keep all your area names over the same server accordingly, moreover you may  manage your area names and mail accounts easily  thanks to  the web based  e- mail  account management.

ParaBOX, through anti -spam prohibition lists which are updated over internet and self- learning span identification system,   provides protection against spams. It protects you from the newest viruses through the  anti- virus data base  which is automatically updated over internet.

In ParaBOX Web system;  where a compound support is available in  PHP, PYTHON, PERL languages; LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) plartform  applications can be entirely maintained  With SSL  support,  it enablesyou to offer safely  the information such as credit card, keyword offered in  your website.