Our EU Remote Training Project

2010 – 1 – TR1- LEO02 – 14611

Our Leonardo Da Vinci Mobility Project which we submitted to   International Agency within the scope of  lifetime learning program carried out by  European Union for supporting  and developing its policies towards occupational training  was awarded  to receive grant  and the project was applied successfully between  6 March 2011 – 3 July  2011.
The project for “ INCREASING THE EDUCATION QUALITY  THROUGH REMOTE TRAINING”  with the contract no.2010-1-TR1-LEO02-14611 s, which is entirely supported by European Union funds has been accomplished in 3  separate courses :  The first one was completed  in Portugal,  second one was  in Germany  and the final course was completed in Italy.
  • Sincan Municipality
  • Gazi University
  • Fatih University Ankara MYO / Vocational  Academy
  • ASAD
  • ATA Bilgi İşlem Ltd.Şti.
  • Altınpark Association of  Training and  Solidarity  for Disabled (APED)
  • Para Bilgi Teknolojileri Ltd. Şti
  • SA Consulting Software Solutions For Industry (Almanya)
  • Sistema Turismo S.R.L (İtalya)
  • Associaçaao De Amizade Luso-turca (Portekiz)
The information and experiences acquired  upon the examination of training centers implementing remote training system provided assistance for the development of European and modern type of education system in our country. Besides,  references have been provided  regarding technological information and experience which may assist the recovery of technological gap between  EU countries  and  candidate countries.
Our project;
was accomplished  in Lisbon, Portugal with 9  attendants, in Germany with 22 attendants  and in Italy with 10 attendants.

Our participants consist of trainer, engineer and computer technologies groups who wish to provide contribution to their vocational improvement and who have occupational degrees in this respect .

In the mentioned program which lasted for 21 days, seminars were held upon the participation of people who are authorized for  remote- training issue.

In Portugal,  Portuguese language education was provided  for  participants’ convenience .  Additionally, they have been trained on career planning by  our participants
Avrupa Birliği Projesi
They were provided seminar regarding ;” increasing the education quality through remote training”  in their university visits.  Besides,  informative meetings were held in relation with remote training system applied in universities. 
Avrupa Birliği Projesi
Avrupa Birliği Projesi
Our attendants were provided information on remote training system of the university  by the trainers of the university.  Remote trainings were divided into separate platforms, thus a more specific, comprehensive and efficient study and service is provide herein 
Avrupa Birliği Projesi
There was a handicapped attendant in our program in Germany. Our  handicapped  participant  who has been sent by our partner;  Altınpark Association of Disabled  found the opportunity to utilize such a project within the scope of Leonardo Program.
Besides,   information was provided on remote training system applied in Public Training Center.  Public Training Center was applying remote training system in its all course programs.  Besides, samples and models were given about how the trainers  or administers opened course and how they directed the course process  in this center. Information was provided on the structure of trainees, how they communicated through the virtual platform during the course process  and how they brought education processes effective
Avrupa Birliği Projesi
Leonordo Da Vinci propgramı kapsamında gerçekleştirilen Mesleki Eğitim Yönlendirme Merkezi Ziyareti, ile buradaki meslek seçimlerinde kUpon the Occupational Training Orientation Center visit held within the scope of  Leonordo Da Vinci program,  information regarding  how people herein are assisted  for their vocational preferences was provided.  One of our project objectives was that ;   to inform  our handicapped attendants about the issues required to be paid attention  regarding occupational preference  and to  make them support other disabled as they are.  In this sense,  this center was visited  and information regarding their work systems was received.
Avrupa Birliği Projesi
Although it was a training program,  cultural visits were accomplished in holidays .  Neighbor cities and countries were visited accordingly.  Moreover some festivals and sports events were also visited  during the program.  
Due to seminars and technical visits held  within the scope of the project,   theoretical  and practical information have been reached, on the other hand, opportunity has been found to observe work environments in Germany, properties of plants and structures of organization.  Visiting major factories in Germany  expanded attendants’ vision.  As a result of these visits,  comparison could be done  between  Germany and Turkey.  Attendants found the opportunity to observe Germany in all respects  and found the opportunity to improve themselves  in occupational and cultural aspects.  Observing how Germany used remote training and  witnessing what kind of  technological infrastructure and effect they used  and how they used in relevant institutions caused  participants to gain new approaches in terms of profession, moreover this environment became very instructive. As a result of this training,  they provided the opportunity to see face to face training applied in a  foreign country and to evaluate it accordingly. Naturally, their communication with people within the social framework has developed as well.  They found chance to be aware of vocational studies carried out abroad . They were informed about how a training is provided for disabled people  and whet they have been doing for them. 
            Besides,  an experience has been acquired  regarding the  operation  of Leonardo Da Vinci project process.  As further organizations and institutions were also included within the project which we  participated as a partner, exchange of knowledge has been provided between people and institutions.
Due to Leonardo Da Vinci program, some prejudices  or fallacies  within  our participants’  points of view regarding western countries have cracked.