ParaCMS Content Management System

ParaCMS, Para Content Management System;is a program that you can prepare a web page without knowing any web design program. It is  and editor system easier  and more skilled than Microsoft word.

You do not  need  to include an Adope Photoshop or similar  image editor in your computer while you are preparing your pages.  Because , in your content management system;  all basic skills such as cutting, dimensioning and turning are available  over your picture files as well as taking  mirror – view therein

You may add, remove a new page in seconds, or cancel an existing page.

  • Simple and effective user interface
  • Specialized and improved toolbar
  • Easy use
  • Picture/File loading  tool
  • HTML code writing
  • Internal  Link availability
  • Capability of Processing picture files (resize, rotate, vs..)
  • Capability of creating  illustrated detailed product pages
  • capability of creating  illustrated detailed  product category pages